Our licensed bartenders are fun, friendly, and experienced in the responsible serving of clients. Your guests will enjoy our staff, as many have in the past. However, please remember that as the host, you are ultimately responsible for your guests’ behavior.

Our staff will refuse to serve anyone who we feel has had too much to drink. We will notify the host/hostess as the night goes on regarding any guests we feel may need to be cut off. By being responsible in regard to alcohol awareness, our staff gives you the opportunity to talk to those individuals or to make a decision in finding them a safe ride home if necessary.

We do not allow anyone except for our staff to serve alcohol to your guests, nor do we allow anyone to come behind the bar in attempts to serve themselves. We will also refuse to serve alcohol to anyone who is under the legal drinking age and who cannot provide proper identification, even in a private home.

Hosted Bar

A hosted bar means that drinks are complimentary to your guests. You can decide upon a package that is comfortable to you.

No-Host Bar

A no-host bar means that guests will purchase their drinks individually, using cash. For events like fundraisers and corporate events, a no-host bar may be appropriate. A no-host bar is also a great idea when you need an affordable option.

Combo Host & No-Host Bar

We can also create a combination of a hosted and non-hosted bar. For example, you may decide to host the first two drinks, the first two hours, or simply host up to a certain dollar amount. Once that limit is reached, we will make a gracious change to a no-host bar.

These packages may or may not be available for all events. Please give us a call to see which one works best for you.